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How do I submit my resume and complete the Rakuna survey?
How do I submit my resume and complete the Rakuna survey?

Received one in your emails? Follow our steps to get recognized by your employers as fast as possible

Written by Minh Tong
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What is Rakuna?

Rakuna is a third-party software company that provides campus recruiting solutions. Employers use Rakuna tools to quickly capture candidates and quickly send out communication emails and surveys just like what you have received so far.

What is this survey that I'm getting?

As a part of the recruiting process, candidates are sent with post-event surveys (powered by Rakuna) collecting anonymous feedback and rating for the experience they had with the representatives, in which electronic versions of resumés are collected to update candidate profiles on the employers' system. Additionally, the survey also includes a voluntary EEOC form that collects anonymous diversity employment data for law compliance.

How do I complete this survey?

1. In your received survey email, click the "Upload Resume" button to get directed to the survey portal:

2. On the redirected Rakuna Survey Portal, a Terms of Service popup is displayed. Read through and click I Agree" to accept the Terms of Service:

3. At Step 1 - Upload Resume, either drag in your resume pdf file, or click on the upload field then select your file: 

Note: the upload file must be in PDF format and under 1MB only.
If you don't happen to have a pdf file ready for upload, try our recommended online PDF file converters from our friends over smallpdf or topdf. Read more about converting to PDF here.

4. Once the resumé PDF file upload is finished, click the "Next" button to go to the next step.

5. At Step 2 - Rate Your Event Experience:

  • Click a heart to rate your experience out of 5;

  • Click the corresponding feedback buttons that are suitable for your rating above;

  • In the text input field, type your feedback comment. This will be visible to your recruiters as anonymous feedbacks without your name/email/IDs;

  • Click "Next" button to move to the third step.

6. At Step 3 - Anonymous EEOC Form:

  • Either complete the EEOC form or leave it blank. The EEOC form is voluntary and not all questions are needed to be answered.

  • Click the "Submit" button to successfully submit the survey

7. If you finally see the success page as below, your survey is successfully submitted and you are good to close the page:

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