On the Rakuna Mobile app, after choosing your event, you have three options for creating a new candidate’s profile: (1) Snapshot Resume, (2) Manual Input, and (3) Kiosk mode.

  1. “Snapshot Resume” allows you to take up to 4 pictures of a candidate’s resume, and the resume information is automatically parsed on our backend using OCR technology. After taking a snapshot of the candidates’ resumes, you can add more information by filling out the optional evaluation form set up by your organization admin.

  2. “Manual Input” allows you to create a candidate’s profile by manually typing in the candidate’s name, email address, and phone number if the candidate does not bring a resume. Users can also include an evaluation form to gather further information like “Snapshot Resume” mode.
    Read more about “Manual Input” here.

  3. “Kiosk Mode” allows candidates to quickly check-in at offline events by providing their “Full Name,” “Phone Number,” and “Email” (optional) without the need to complete an evaluation form. This way, recruiters can set up registration booths or check-in stations at offline events, and candidates can line up to punch in their information themselves.
    Read more about “Kiosk Mode” here.

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