How Do I Edit an Existing Event?
Written by Minh Tong
Updated over a week ago

Note: Once published, only specific fields can be edited by Admin Users

  1. Go to “Event"

  2. Open the Event and click the “Edit Event” button on the top right corner of the screen.

  3. For Draft Events, you can freely edit as needed.

  4. For Published Events, Admin Users can edit the following fields:

    • Event Location

    • Event Categories

    • Assigned Recruiter

    • Event Description

    • Evaluation Form (Forms can be edited until 24 hours before the event start time, provided no interactions are registered.)

    (Mobile users must log out and log in again to get updated to the latest form. Any Offline or Draft form data that syncs after the form is changed will be lost)

  5. Click “Save as Draft” to save changes or “Make Event Live” when the event is ready to be published.

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