A Recruiting Event (offline) is a career or recruiting event that is held at a specific venue and is an opportunity for companies to meet prospective candidates. On the Rakuna app, “Event” works like a ‘folder’ for recruiters to capture and store prospects’ data.  

To create a Recruiting Event:

  1. Navigate to "Event" menu > click "New Virtual Event" button,

  2. Fill out the necessary recruiting event information


  1. Each Event needs to have an assigned form as well as a post-event message. To create a new form or custom post-event messaging template, please check out the sections on Forms and Messaging;

  2. Make sure to save your event as a DRAFT if the details of the event are not finalized yet. Once you make an event go live, the event will be in PUBLISHED mode and can no longer be edited.

  3. Assigning recruiters will only send invitation (notification) email for them, not necessarily prohibit other recruiters from joining the event to capture candidates.

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