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Managing Organization Categories
Managing Organization Categories
Written by Rakuna Support
Updated over a week ago

In addition to your Organization Details and the Products & Features you've signed up for, Rakuna’s My Organization page allows you to review and edit your Organization Categories.

The Organization Categories section allows you to classify and filter your Events based on your preferences. To make changes:

1. Adding a New Category:

Click "Add New Category" to create a new category. Enter its name and choose a color using a hex code, the color board, or from our suggestions. Ensure that each category has a unique name and color code before clicking "Submit" to add the new category. Remember, changes are only saved by clicking "Save Changes" on the page header.

2. Editing & Removing a Category:

Click on a category you've created to edit or remove it. You can then modify the name and color, saving changes by clicking "Submit", or selecting "Delete" to remove the category. Remember to finalize your changes by clicking "Save Changes" on the page header.

For any assistance, please reach out to us via Intercom or email at

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