Managing Your App Integrations with Rakuna
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1. Enabling & Disabling Integrations:

As a site admin, you have control over both Organization Integrations and Personal Integrations using Rakuna’s App Integrations page.

  • Personal Integrations: Click the "Enable" button next to the service you want to integrate with Rakuna. You'll be redirected to a page to confirm the integration.

  • Organization Integrations: Please contact for assistance.

Once enabled, the button changes to "Disable," allowing you to disable the integration by clicking it again.

2. Re-enabling:

If your services require you to re-enable integrations, we'll notify you via email. To re-enable, visit the App Integrations page on Rakuna and click the "Enable" button.

For support, please kindly reach out to us via Intercom or email at

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