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Generate QR code from Pre-event Registration Link
Generate QR code from Pre-event Registration Link
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You can create a QR code from a Pre-event Registration Link, allowing candidates to easily input their information using their own devices during the event. Here's how to do it:

Step-by-Step Guide:

Access Event Details

  • Open the Rakuna Web Dashboard.

  • On the "All Events" screen, select the event you want to work with.

Generate the QR Code

  • Inside the Event Details page, find the field that contains the Pre-event Registration Link.

  • Look for the "QR CODE" button beneath this field and click on it.

QR Code Options

  • A QR code will be created.

  • You can either use your mobile device to test the QR code's functionality or download it as a .png file to your device for later use.

Now you have a QR code ready for candidates to scan and conveniently input their information during the event.

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