How to Use Scan QR Mode in Rakuna Mobile App
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Rakuna Mobile App lets you effortlessly capture candidate information by scanning their QR codes. Here's how to use this feature:

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Access Scan QR Mode

    • Open the Rakuna Mobile App.

    • Go to the "Capture Candidate" screen.

    • Find and tap the "Scan QR" button.

  2. Scanning a QR Code

    • Position your phone's camera to focus on the QR code.

    • Ensure the QR code fits within the highlighted frame on your screen.

    • The app will automatically capture the QR code. Alternatively, you can tap "QR photo" to choose a QR code saved on your device.

  3. Save and Edit Information

    • Once successfully scanned, a green checkmark will appear on your screen.

    • The candidate's information is saved. You can now edit it or complete an evaluation form.

  4. Synchronize with Web Dashboard

    • To sync the interaction with your Web Dashboard, save it.

Additional Information:

  • For VCard-type QR codes, the candidate's basic information (Full Name, Email, and Phone) will be automatically filled into their respective fields.

  • If the QR code contains a URL, the URL will be included below the Basic Information section for your reference.

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