After self-schedule for any time slot, the candidate can reschedule another time slot (s). A candidate has 03 options:

Option 1: After your first self-schedule session, the confirmation page will have the “Request to reschedule” button to select another time slot. Please click the button to be redirected to the self-schedule page.

Option 2: You can use the same self-scheduling link from your first timeslot.

Note: link will usually be in the form of:

Option 3: After a candidate's first self-schedule session, they will receive a confirmation email. In the email, Please click the button “Request to reschedule” to be redirected to the self-schedule page.

On the Self-Schedule Link page:

✅ The interview's information will be on the left dialog box.

✅ Available timeslot(s) will be on the right dialog box.

  • Click on the one desired timeslot you would like to schedule.

  • Fill in your personal information:

    • First name

    • Last name

    • Email

    • Phone number

  • Candidates also have the option to upload their resumes in PDF form at the end of the personal information page.

    📝 Note: The resume must be a .pdf file and must not exceed 1 MB.

  • Once all required information is filled in, click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.

A calendar invitation will be sent to the candidate’s email to confirm the interview time and date.

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