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How Does "Final Recommendations" Action Work?
How Does "Final Recommendations" Action Work?
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What is the final recommendation?

You can find the final recommendations button on the "Interview Detail Page" of each interview. The interviewer can use the button to show their final hiring decision.

How many types of recommendations?

There are four options in the "final recommendation drop-down" :

  • Move to the next round

  • Hired

  • Tentative

  • Rejected

Will the final recommendations button work the same for Admin and Reviewer?

No, the permission to use the “final recommendation” button differs for each role.

📝 Note: If you have questions about permission and role for Rakuna Interview Scheduling, please consult this article:

How to use the final recommendation?

To use the final recommendation button, please follow these steps:

  • Click to open your published interview

    📝 Note: To use the "final recommendation" function, the users need to assign time slots with prospects and interviewer(s).

  • In your "interview detail page," view the column “ Your Final Recommendation” in each interview time slot.

  • You also can see the “final recommendation” button on the top right of the interview detail section each time a user selects a time slot checkbox.

  • For the Admin, the final recommendation button will be:

    • Visible only when a prospect is assigned.

    • Admin can interact with the button

    • Admin Can change the status of that prospect

  • For the Reviewer, the final recommendation button will be:

    • Only visible after Admin sets a status.

    • Can see the prospect's status but cannot interact with the button.

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