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How to Archive One or Multiple Interviews
How to Archive One or Multiple Interviews

When you archive scheduled interviews, Rakuna will remove them from the Interview Index Page. Users can no longer view archived interviews.

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To archive one or multiple interviews, follow these instructions

  • Open the All Interview page

  • Under the " Interview Title" column, select the checkbox next to the interview(s) you want to archive.

  • Navigate to the top right "Taskbar" located under your user name and profile picture

  • Select the "archive button" to archive the selected interview(s)
    πŸ“ Note: you can select one or multiple interviews to be archived by selecting the associated checkboxes.

  • In the pop-up archive Interview dialog, click on the "archive" button to archive the interview.

You have now successfully archived selected interviews.

In case of accidental archival of interview(s), please contact or reach us through our Intercom to reverse the change.

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