To view a prospect’s resume in an interview:

  • Open a published interview event.

  • Select the “View Feedback” button on each time slot. This button only shows up when both the interviewer and prospect were added in the time slot.

  • Click the “Log Feedback” button in the top right corner.

  • You can now view the prospect’s resume in the right window.

If after finishing the 4 steps above, you do not see the prospect PDF or resume on the right screen, there will be a notification “No resume available” (in PDF section) or “No snapshots available” (in snapshot section).

In this case, please contact to Rakuna support team through the intercom (the chat icon in the bottom right corner on all Rakuna pages) or email support for more support

Note: For more information on adding prospects in an interview, please read more in [Invite prospect(s) in an interview]

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