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How do I create a Virtual Event?
How do I create a Virtual Event?
Written by Minh Tong
Updated over a week ago

A Virtual Event is a career or recruiting event that is held online and is accessible via online conference call. On the Rakuna app, “Virtual Event” enables recruiters to collect candidates data via pre-event registration page.

To create a Virtual Event:

  1. Navigate to "Event" menu > "New Virtual Event";

  2. Fill out the necessary recruiting event information;

  3. Break down the virtual event by adding sessions;

  4. Preview Pre-event registration page

  5. Click "Save as Draft" to save as draft, or "Make Event Live" to publish the event to use its Pre-event Registration Page.


  1. Make sure to save your event as a DRAFT if the details of the event are not finalized yet. Once you make an event go live, the event will be in PUBLISHED mode and can no longer be edited.

  2. Assigning recruiters will only send invitation (notification) email for them, not necessarily prohibit other recruiters from joining the event to capture candidates.

  3. Rakuna's Virtual Event feature does not facilitate online conference calls. The feature provides communication to online attendants with assigned third-party and external conference calls.

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