How to add multiple prospects?
Written by Minh Tong
Updated over a week ago
  • Step 1: In the Prospect Dashboard, click “Add New Prospects,” then navigate the drop-down menu to the ‘New Prospect Manually’ option.

  • Step 2: Download our template by clicking on the highlighted ‘template’ letter.

  • Step 3: After you fill the downloaded CSV file according to its format, you can upload it by drag-and-drop or navigate to your saved CSV file.

  • Step 4 (Optional): Add to a talent pool by selecting your group in the drop-down menu.

  • Step 5: Click the “Import” button at the top of the page, then wait for an email notification.

  • Step 6: If your import is ready, you can sign in to Rakuna app and interact with your new imported prospects.

    If your import action failed, click “View Import Detail” in your email notification then you will see all errors related to your imported file.

  • Step 7: After fixing all errors in your file, you can start to try to re-submit your file.

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