As a recruiting coordinator or an interviewer with the “Editor” permission, you can review each time slot to make changes.

When interviewers submit their requests, you’ll be able to see the new status on the interview event page:

1. For the request of “Reschedule”: You’ll see the new proposed time under the original time

2. For the request of “Cancel”: You’ll the “Unable to attend” under the interviewer’s name

To review each request and make new changes:

1. Click “Review time slot” on the time slot with the requested changes

2. For the request of “Reschedule”:

  • You can accept the proposed new time by selecting the time and click “Submit” to update OR

  • You can change the interview time yourself and click “Submit” to update

3. For the request of “Cancel”:

  • You can remove the declined interview and/or add in a new interviewer to substitute

Recruiting coordinators, interviewers, and candidates affected by the new changes will all receive updated invitations.

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