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Using the Interaction/Prospect table and searching for prospects
Using the Interaction/Prospect table and searching for prospects
Written by Minh Tong
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What is an Interaction Table and Prospect Table?

The Interaction Table stores prospect's data from a specific event while the Prospect Table that shows all of your prospect data from all events. 

To access the Interaction Table:

  1. Click the Events tab on the left menu bar

  2. Click a specific Event you'd like to access the prospect data

  3. Click on the blue hyperlinked number under "Total Interaction"

To access the Prospect Table:

  1. Click the Prospect tab on the left menu bar

Utilizing the Search Bar function

You can search for a prospect by their name or email. To do so, in the search bar on the top right corner of the page:

  1. Input the First name or Last name (do not use Full Name) of the prospect to search by name OR input the entire or part of the prospect email to search by email. 

  2. Hit enter to search. 

  3. Hit the "X" icon in the search bar to remove the searched content. 

Utilizing the Filter function 

You can search for a prospect with specific criteria. To do so: 

  1. Click the Filter (upside down triangle with three lines) icon next to the search bar. 

2. Select the Field option from the drop-down menu, the options include: 

  • Name

  • Tag

  • Email

  • Recruiter

  • Messaging Status

  • School

  • Major

  • GPA

  • Graduation Year

  • Graduation Season

  • Questions from your customized Evaluation Form (only applies to the Interaction Table, not the Prospect table)

3. Enter specific value you're looking for in the Value field
4. Click "Add" to save the criteria
5. Click "Apply" to see the filtered result

To remove the filter:

  1. Click the Filter icon

  2. Click the "X" icon next to the criteria you have previously created

  3. Click "Apply" to see the new filtered result

Utilizing the Sorting function

You can sort the data in the table by alphabetical order or small-large/large-small in numbers. To do so:

  1. Hover on the column's heading and click on the arrow right next to that heading

Note: The sorting function only applies to the following fields:

  • Name

  • Email

  • School

  • Major

  • GPA

  • Graduation 

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