When completing the Evaluation Form on the mobile app, you will see two separate sections for the Candidate Form and Recruiter Form. Both sections will include all questions indicated in the Evaluation Form created by the recruiting coordinator pre-event/-interview. Recruiter Form will include only questions that were marked “Visible to Recruiters Only” and can only be accessed on the mobile app by inputting Face ID, Finger ID or Passcode of the mobile phone owner. 

When using in a student-facing situation or allowing the student to input the information into the form on the phone by themselves, confidential comments about the candidate that the Recruiter want to include in the form will be kept private.  

Note: The recruiter does not have to utilize the Recruiter Form if he/she does not want to by not selecting “Visible To Recruiters Only” for any questions when creating the Evaluation Form on the web app. 

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