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Best Practice #4: Event Creation
Best Practice #4: Event Creation

We compile a number of tips on utilizing the Pre-Event Registration Link, Post-Event Message Enabler, and Total Interactions data features.

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So far, in our Best Practice Series, we have covered topics on:

After you have finished setting up Evaluation Form and Post-Event Messaging Template, the final step is to create an Event so it can become “Live” and “Mobile Ready” on the Rakuna Recruit Mobile App. 

Creating an Event is more than just simply inputting the event name, time, date and clicking “publish.” It actually requires you to have all the information required ready and correctly input so you can worry less about all the manual task pre-, during and post-event, and actually focus on engaging with prospects at events. 

In this Best Practice #4: Event Creation, we compile a number of tips on utilizing the Pre-Event Registration Link, Post-Event Message Enabler, and Total Interactions data features to make sure you have everything ready for your next recruiting event. 

About Event 

For a recruiter, an event is an offline recruiting event that is held at a specific venue and is an opportunity for companies to meet, engage with and take in resumes from prospective candidates. On the Rakuna Recruit App, “Event” works like a digital ‘folder’ for recruiters to capture resumes, evaluate prospects and store prospects’ data.

Best Practices: How to best utilize an Event?  

1. Input exact institution, location, and exact date and time

We highly recommend you input the exact institution name, location, exact date and time of your offline event when creating the Event on our Dashboard.

  • By inputting the institution name: Data collected from the designated school will be included in the Institution List in the Dashboard, allowing you to have a better overview of the prospects’ demographic.  

  • By inputting the location: The map in the Pre-Event Registration Link will be shown with the exact location, helping students to pinpoint where your event will be at.

  • By inputting the exact date and time of the event: Post-Event Messages will be sent out at the correct time, and you will have enough time post-event (10 days) to continue capturing paper resumes. 

If you are attending or hosting an event at a different time zone, make sure to convert the event time to your local time so make sure your local time matches the event’s time. 

For example: If you are based in Chicago (CST) and need to create an event on PST time, first, convert the PST time to CST time to input the correct data into Start and End time on Rakuna. Or, change the timezone on Rakuna to PST before putting in the Start and End time for the event. 

2. Assign recruiters before an Event so that they are notified of the Event

Make sure you assign the recruiters who will be attending the offline recruiting event by adding their names to the “Assign Recruiter” box. By doing this, you can later track the number of interactions each recruiter has engaged with prospects over the year, as well as his/her average rating rated by the prospects form each event. This is an effective metric to measure your recruiter’s performance. 

Note that the recruiter will have to be a member of the organization in order to be assigned to any Event. Please refer to our article on how to invite a new member to join the organization

Once assigned to an Event, the recruiter will receive a notification email with the ability to add the event to his/her Google calendar. 

3. Utilize Pre-Event Registration Link 

After publishing an event, it will be “Mobile Ready” (the Event detail page will have a “Mobile Ready” tag), meaning you can view it on the Rakuna Recruit App. Along with the Event, a “Pre-Event Registration” link will be automatically generated by Rakuna, which allows companies to share the registration link, and let prospective candidates check-in and upload their resumes before the event starts. You can share the link on your career website, the University Career Development Center’s website, and/or send directly to your candidate database.

The Pre-Event Registration link will include the following information:

  • Event name

  • Event date and time

  • Event location

  • Event description

  • Event map 

  • Social media tools to share the event (Facebook, Twitter, Email, LinkedIn, Reddit)

  • About the Company 

To see prospects pre-registered via the link:

  1. Open your published “Event”

  2. Click on the hyperlinked number under “Total Interactions” to view the list of all pre-registered prospects

4. Utilize Post-Event Message Enabler Option  

As explained in our Best Practice #3: Post-Event Messaging Template Creation, Automated Post-Event/Interview Email Messaging takes care of automated mass communication with all prospective candidates after an event or interview is over.

Recently, we added the option of allowing companies to choose whether to send out the automated Post-Event Message or not. If you do not want to send out the Post-Event Message, make sure to uncheck the “Enable post-event messaging” option. 

If you do want to send the message, make sure to not only check the “Enable post-event messaging” option but also choose the correct template and indicate the number of hours (from 1-6) after the event has ended to send the message. 

If you are unsure of how many hours to go with, you may want to do a few testings where each event is assigned with a different number of hours, and then see which event has the most number of students opening your email. 

5. Input Event Description and Images/Logo 

You can customize your Pre-Event Registration Link and add a subtle touch of your company’s brand by inputting the Event Description, Event Image, and Company Logo in the Additional Settings section. 

By doing so, candidates who check-in via this link will have more detailed information about the Event, and you will have another opportunity to boost your company branding for the event you are attending. 

6. Access and Filter Prospects Data Post-Event   

Post-event, when accessing your published “Event” on the Web Dashboard again, you will be able to see the following information:

  • Total interactions: How many prospects captured

  • Average event rating: How prospects feel about your events

  • Average prospect rating: What is the recruiter’s average rating of the prospects met at the event

  • Total recruiters: The number of staff who actually signed-in and used the app at the event

When clicking the number under “Total Interactions,” you will be able to view the complete list of prospects captured at the recruiting event, with their detailed information (name, email, school, major, GPA, graduation year) and your assessment on the Evaluation Form via the Rakuna Recruit app. You can filter the data, view, and download resumes, and categorize prospects using tagging.

Bottom Line

Since the early days, we've worked hard to maintain an exceptionally simple process of creating an Event. Along the way, we've learned a whole bunch of tips and tricks and asked for feedback from customers to make sure we can give you a world-class product. 

Creating an Event is incredibly easy and so are the best practices we have shared with you in this article. We hope you implement and try out a few or all of them for your upcoming events. Let us know how they work out for you; we are always eager to hear your feedback on how we can improve our product and make your user experience even better. 

Can’t find your questions or concerns in this best practice? Worry not! Send us your questions to and we’ll respond right away.

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