Once a user takes a snapshot, the mobile app will upload the resume image to the cloud (Dashboard), where our AI-based technology will analyze it. The entire activity happens in the background to ensure an optimal experience for candidates and recruiters.

By default, the resume image is analyzed shortly after being uploaded. The parsing process may vary depending on the number of candidates and resume image quality. It can take up to a few hours after the event is over to finish parsing all resumes.

In the previous year of 2020, Rakuna Recruit’s parsing accuracy rate was 98.45%.

We understand the technology may not work 100% of the time. Therefore, each of your recruiting events will be assigned to a Rakuna Event Operation Team. When the technology is unable to extract information (commonly due to low light or blurry images), it will notify our team to ensure the quality of event data.

If your team experiences any issues with event data, feel free to reach out to us via Intercom.

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