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Can I use this app without any internet connection?
Can I use this app without any internet connection?
Written by Minh Tong
Updated over a week ago

If you have already logged into the app at some point, you can continue using Rakuna Recruit even when there's no internet connection. When the Wifi you're connected to can't reach Rakuna's server or when there's no network available, Rakuna Mobile App will automatically switch to Offline mode. You will still be able to input and edit a candidate’s information as usual, but the data will only be saved locally on your device.

To sync an event’s information and upload it to the web app, open up “My Candidates” and let the interactions sync whenever the internet connection is regained.

Note: As you will not be able to log in or out of the app while being offline. We advise setting up the correct user account in advance to avoid issues with connectivity.

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