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How to Customize the Evaluation Form for an Interview or Event?
How to Customize the Evaluation Form for an Interview or Event?

An Evaluation Form or Form is a set of customized questions that recruiters can use while interviewing a candidate or attending events.

Written by Minh Tong
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A form can be created and customized with different types of queries and assigned to multiple interviews or events.

To create a customized form, follow these instructions:

πŸ“ Note: You can also hover over the "Form" section on the left sidebar and click "New Form" to go to this page

You are now on the draft page to create your customized form.

In the "General" section:

  • Type the name of your evaluation form

In the "Form's Questions" section:

  • Drag the types of questions to the left window.
    Note: You can stack different types of questions on top of each other

  • Each question window has three options on the right corner for you to interact:

    βœ… Edit the question with the "pencil" icon
    βœ… Delete the element with the "x" icon
    βœ… Duplicate the element with the "window" icon
    πŸ“ Note: As you edit, you can set your question to ONLY be visible to recruiters using Rakuna mobile app by ticking the box β€œVisible to recruiters only.”

  • Once done, navigate to the top right of the page

  • Select "Save as Draft" if you want to edit the form later

  • Select "Publish" to make your form available to select when scheduling interviews.

Once published, the evaluation form is ready to be assigned in panel interviews and 1-1 interviews or events.

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