An Evaluation Form or Form is a set of customized questions that recruiters can use during face-to-face interactions with candidates. A form can be created and customized with different types of questions, and be assigned to multiple events.

To create an Evaluation Form: 

  1. Go to “Form” and click the “New form” button at the top right corner of the page;

  2. Fill in the form Title, drag the field of questions (boxes on the right) and drop into the grey area on the left;

  3. Select questions that will be accessible in the Recruiters Form only by ticking the box “Visible to recruiters only” 

  4. Click “Save as Draft” to save changes;

  5. Once all information is confirmed and you are ready to publish the form, click “Publish” to make it go live and ready to be assigned to the Event. 

Note: Full name, Email and Phone Number are already included in the form by default when the Manual capture mode is selected on the mobile app. You don’t have to include these questions in your form again when creating a new one. 

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