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What is a Post-event Survey (Survey Portal)?
What is a Post-event Survey (Survey Portal)?
Written by Minh Tong
Updated over a week ago

The “Post-event Survey” feature (or Survey Portal) allows recruiters to easily gather candidates’ anonymous feedbacks and 5-star ratings - this is a great way to track your event performance and improve your candidate experience. It also includes a voluntary EEOC form that collects anonymous demographic for recruiters to comply with EEOC regulations.

This feature is enabled as default and no login is required. After an Event or an Interview is over, all candidates recorded at the event or interview will receive a survey email. This email will redirect them to the Survey Portal where they can easily upload their e-resumé (only for recruiting events, not interviews), rate the events and/or the interviewers, provide anonymous feedbacks and complete the EEOC form.

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