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About Knowledge Base
Written by Minh Tong
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The Knowledge Base in a step-by-step digital instruction manual that helps you further familiarize yourself with our products. It will walk you through the process of setting up our products and understanding their features thoroughly so you can learn how to use them conveniently at your own pace.

The Knowledge Base is divided into five sections: (1) Getting Started, (2) Users and Organizations, (3) Event and Interview Scheduling, (4) Mobile App and Data Export, and (5) Support. In each section, there are subsections that further explain the specific product features with how-to instructions (e.g: How to create an event within the Event Management menu). 

  1. Getting Started: This section explains preparatory steps in understanding and setting up the Rakuna Recruit App before using it. 

  2. Users and Organizations: This section explains the the differences between the Mobile and Web apps (features, user roles,...), how to set up as a mobile-only user and how to add new recruiters to your Organization.

  3. Event Management and Interview Scheduling: This section details the function of each menu within the Rakuna Recruit App (Dashboard - Event Management - Interview Scheduling - Form - Messaging - Prospect - Settings) and the features included. 

  4. Mobile App and Data Export: This section further explains the use of mobile app, app integrations and how to export candidates’ data to ATS.

  5. Support: This section includes frequently asked questions, payments information and contacts for help. 

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