Rakuna’s virtual recruiting platform provides one central hub for all your recruiting events, including virtual events. The platform allows you to publish your company’s event calendar on the company’s website, easily promote your events via social media & emails, and collect prospects’ information and resumes without any hassle and paperwork. As a result, you have a centralized database of all prospective candidates for seamless candidate relationship management.

To create a virtual event on Rakuna:

  1. Create a new Event on Rakuna
  2. Select "Virtual event"
  3. Fill in the "Webinar information" box (specify your webinar information - link, PIN code, access code, password...)

You can also include the evaluation form on the Pre-Event Registration link:

  1. Select an "Evaluation form" (make sure this form is published before your event starts)
  2. Select "Show form on Pre-Event Registration link?"

After publishing the event, all pre-registered prospects/candidates will receive a confirmation email with the webinar link. Note that prospects/candidates can only see webinar information once they register via the Pre-Event Registration link.

You can access prospects/candidates information (resume and evaluation form submission) via the Event's Interaction Table.

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