1. Event Management: Invite/assign recruiters to event 

Recruiters now can be assigned to events and will be notified via email. They will be able to add the event to their Google Calendar and/or personal calendar.

2. Interview Scheduling: Updated prospect profile
Interviewers can recommend the candidate’s hiring status (Hired, Rejected, Tentative) in the Evaluation Form. The result will also be shown in the Prospect’s individual profile page.

3. Interview Scheduling: Edit Interview Event After Publishing
You can now edit any published interview event that has not expired yet. Even better, you can also add and remove time slots, and change each specific time slot according to your needs.

4. Interview Scheduling: Interviews Counted as Interactions
Any logged interview with a candidate will now be counted as an “Interaction”, showing a more accurate overview of the total interactions between your organization and the candidates. 

5. Interview Scheduling: Interview Invitation Confirmation and Status
Candidates are now able to respond to all Interview Invitations by simply clicking the “Confirm/ Decline/ Request to Reschedule” buttons. Recruiters will receive notifications emails and candidates’ attendance status will also be updated in the interview dashboard. 

6. Interview Scheduling: Add Interview Event to Google/Personal Calendar
Candidates and Interviewers are now able to add their interviews to their Google Calendar or personal Calendar.

7. Interview Scheduling: Calendar view for Interviews
Recruiting coordinators and Interviewers can view the interview appointments on Rakuna’s calendar (just like Events). 

8. Interview Scheduling: View candidate’s resume and comments
Interviewers can now view a candidate’s resume and comments from other interviewers and recruiters when logging feedback into the Assessment form.

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