During the interview process, Recruiting Coordinator, Interviewers and Candidates will receive various types of emails. 

Recruiting Coordinators will receive:

  1. Confirmation email after the candidate has accepted, declined, or requested to reschedule

a. Candidate accepts the interview invitation:

b. Candidate declines the interview invitation:

c. Candidate declines the interview invitation and requests the reschedule the interview: 

Interviewers will receive:
1.An invitation to interview email once the interview is published

Here, the candidates will have ability to Confirm, Decline or Request to Reschedule the interview. The recruiting coordinator who organizes the Interview Event will receive a notification email based on the candidate’s confirmation. 

2. A confirmation email once the candidate successfully books an available interview session via the “Interview Schedule Link” sent by the recruiting coordinator;

Note: Candidates will receive either email 1 (assigned directly by recruiting coordinator) or email 2 (selected one of the multiple open interview slots via the Interview Schedule Link) only. 

2. A thank-you email using the post-interview email template once the interview is over

3. A survey email that allows candidates to provide rating and anonymous feedbacks about the interview once the interview is over

Note: This email feature can be turned off based on the company’s request. Email support@rakuna.co for help. 

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