1. Create an Interview: Click “Interviews” and then click the red button “New Interview” at the top right corner of the page
  2. Fill in the title and check for the interviewer’s availability: Fill in the interview’s title. In the “Availability Check” field, input the interviewers’ name and click “Apply” to see their available time. 

3. Fill out basic information: Input title, start/end dates and time, and time slot duration (i.e: the length of your interview(s)), then click “Generate Time Slots”

4. Invite candidates and assign interviewers: In each “Interview section”, input the candidate’s email if that specific time slot has already been confirmed with the candidate, or leave blank if there are multiple time slots for multiple candidates to pick and choose. Type the interviewer’s name to select the interviewer for each time slot (make sure the interviewer has been added to your organization). Click “Save and Continue” to move to the next step.

5. Add more time slots: You can also add more time slots outside the overall time slot duration you have set by clicking the “Add More Time Slot” button. You can also remove individual time slot by clicking the red “Remove” button. 

6. Fill out detailed information: Input interview location, description, and select interview evaluation form and post-interview messaging template you would like to use for the interview. 

If you don’t have the forms and templates ready yet, you can save the interview as Draft by clicking “Save and Continue” and exit to create new forms and/or templates before going back to the interview to continue publishing.

7. Review and publish: Revise the interview information. You can either save the form as Draft for future edit (click “Save as Draft”), or “Publish” the interview. Upon publishing an interview, all selected candidates and interviewers will receive emails that include their interview’s information. For time slots that have not had any assigned candidates yet, you can copy the “Interview Schedule Link” and send it to candidates so they can choose the suitable interview time according to their availability. Both interviewers and candidates will receive confirmation when a time slot is booked as well as an interview reminder via email. 

Note: The interview event has to be published in order for candidates to choose available time slots. The link will expire once the interview event (not session) has started.  

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